Unveiling Master Plan: Your Path to Holistic Life Mastery

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Greetings, everyone!

As promised, Master Plan is finally out, on Monday 02.10.2023 and I am so glad to share it with you, plus a huge giveaway below!

Master Plan - Enjoy a Stree-Free System to Execute Every Idea on all aspects of your life

A bit of motivation behind the Master Plan, this system has been the result of more than 6 months of deep, deep work. 

A lot of you have noticed my reduced activity on Social Media over the last few months and Master Plan was the result of this abstinence.

As I am scaling as an individual and as my ventures are scaling, it started to be more and more complicated to keep track of every aspect of my life.

Having experienced burnout after burnout,  being pushed sideways with life and my goals, and never having time to take care of myself and my body; I resolved myself to take concrete and systematic action to never be bullied by life again.

In the past few years, or decade already! I have experienced, learned, and applied almost every productive system I could lay my hand on: from GTD by David Allen to Micro-habits by BJ Fogg, my goal was clear: Ascending to the Millionaire Status so I can live the life I want, and especially innovate at a level where real innovation is happening. 

The best news is that I am a Millionaire now, and I am happy to be. With multiple sources of income spanning from crypto to receiving dividends on many ventures. The worst news is that as I am scaling my income streams and lifestyle, life only has its say on it: more responsibility, more taxes to pay, health, legal work, social obligations, and much more.

Actually, the more I earned and craved to scale, the more “things” I needed to do. It was starting to be unbearable, unsustainable, and overall, Stressful.

Some of the many things I tried in the past to overcome those burdens are:

  • Implementing a list of over 1000 daily tiny habits to automate and take care of every aspect of my life
  • Using GTD, gamification, and every possible strategy to trick my mind to get things done
  • Setting up too simple systems to reach the top

Obviously, this was not the answer, as it led me to really burn myself out even more.

So I had to start being pragmatic about it.

Visionary about it. 

This led me to brush every single aspect of my life about it.

From living abroad to scaling my businesses and securing them.

From taking care of myself to making sure every legal and social aspect of my life is falling in the most optimal place for me to move forward.

I had to work hard and filter the signal over the noise around me.

Had to make sure that my ventures were being systematically taken care of without me actively working on them.

And guess what, I always keep my promises, especially to myself, and after a decade of self-reflection and curation and around 6 months of deep and hard work, I did it.

I came up with it.

The Master Plan.

Basically, I brush up on all the areas of my life to compact them into 26 dimensions in the above-mentioned framework: 

My Life Areas

  1. Health: I am focusing on my physical well-being, emphasizing nutrition, exercise, and overall health. My vitality is my priority, ensuring I have the energy to conquer every day.
  2. Intellect: Cultivation of my intellect is underway, encouraging lifelong learning and expanding my knowledge horizons. Curiosity is the key, and I'm unlocking doors to new realms of understanding.
  3. Emotion: I'm exploring and managing my emotions, building emotional intelligence, and achieving emotional balance. This is a fundamental part of my journey, empowering me in every aspect of my life.
  4. Mindset & Character: I am fostering a growth mindset, strengthening my character, and nurturing resilience. My mindset shapes my reality, and I'm sculpting it for unwavering determination.
  5. Spiritual: Nourishing my spirit involves exploring my beliefs and engaging in mindfulness and meditation. I'm creating a sacred space for my inner self to flourish.
  6. Love Partner: I'm committed to strengthening and nurturing my romantic relationships and connections, ensuring they thrive and bring fulfillment to my life.
  7. Parenting: I am enhancing my parenting skills and creating a positive family environment. My family life is a source of joy and support, and I'm dedicated to nurturing it.
  8. Social: I am cultivating meaningful social connections and friendships, enriching my life with positive relationships and shared experiences.
  9. Financial: I am managing my finances, setting financial goals, and working diligently towards financial freedom. Financial stability is my stepping stone to a secure future.
  10. Career & Personal Branding: I am actively developing my career path, setting ambitious career goals, and advancing in my profession. My expertise and skills are the cornerstones of my success.
  11. Lifestyle: I am focusing on enhancing my overall quality of life and well-being, embracing activities and experiences that bring me joy and fulfillment.
  12. Life Vision: I have created a clear and inspiring vision for my life, guiding my actions and decisions towards meaningful outcomes.
  13. Life Strategy: I have developed strategies and plans to achieve my life vision, ensuring I stay on course and achieve my goals.
  14. Contribution: I am finding ways to contribute to my community and society, making a positive impact on the world around me.
  15. Adventure: I am actively seeking new experiences, traveling, and embracing adventure in my life. Life is a grand adventure, and I'm exploring it to the fullest.
  16. Environment: I am fostering environmental awareness and sustainable living practices, making conscious choices to protect our planet and create a better future.
  17. Celebration: I am celebrating my achievements and milestones, acknowledging my progress and successes, no matter how big or small.
  18. Legal and Paperwork: I am managing legal matters and paperwork efficiently, ensuring my affairs are in order and hassle-free.
  19. Work: I am organizing and optimizing my work tasks and projects, maximizing my productivity and efficiency in the workplace.
  20. Lucrative Ventures: I am identifying and exploring lucrative investment opportunities, expanding my financial portfolio and securing my future.
  21. Digital: I am managing and optimizing my digital presence and online activities, ensuring a positive and impactful online footprint.
  22. Device, Transportation, and Augmentation: I am learning about the maintenance of my devices and transportation, ensuring they are in top condition for my convenience and safety.
  23. Focus and Removing Distractions: I am enhancing my ability to focus and eliminating distractions, creating a focused and productive environment for myself.
  24. Life Problems and Issues: I am addressing and resolving life challenges and problems effectively, finding creative and practical solutions to overcome obstacles.
  25. Time Management: I am improving my time management skills, making the most of my time and ensuring every moment is utilized purposefully.
  26. Skills & Hobbies: I am cultivating and improving my skills and hobbies, embracing passions that bring me joy and fulfillment.

Having taken this holistic approach to tackle the areas of my life, using the latest Getting Things Done methods, gamification, mentoring, monitoring, tracking and much more, I made sure to scale myself as an individual, follow up on the promises I made over my life and uphold the highest quality of every aspect of my life.

Some key achievements I am proud to have reached within the 6 months of implementing my framework are:

  • Finally graduated with both my master's degrees, in the most renowned European University, the French @INSA Lyon and the Austrian very renowned @TU Wien.
  • Now I am an accomplished Master of Computer Science a proud Master of Business Informatics, and a renowned and state European Engineer, all while being a Moroccan Citizen.
  • I was quickly promoted from my Senior Software Engineering role to Lead Engineering role within the company I work in; in less than 3 months of working closely together.
  • I finally gave the right amount of attention to my health and fitness, practicing now 8 sports of my enjoyment (Basketball, Trampolining, Body Building, MMA with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing Muay Thai, and the most funky underwater rugby).
  • My nutrition and self-care are vitamins and science-assessed.
  • My mind is stress-free and now my body and Master Plan system are in charge.
  • Said a forever goodbye to Smoking, Alcohol consumption, and every weight pulling my downside.
  • I have lived in an executive suite for a long time in one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the world, beautiful city Vienna.
  • Completely automated my income streams and content creation systems.
  • I have the freedom to travel anywhere I want and have traveled A LOT already!
  • Created systems and fixed up to 90% of the tasks that needed urgent and immediate attention.

Those are actually huge milestones for me and my career, as I struggled with them for the rest 10 years but thanks to Master Plan I could finish and clean them all and much more.

This is just the beginning, the whole goal of my Master Plan is to be able to follow up on every one of my ventures, goals, and aspirations and execute them.

Master Plan is how I execute my ideas.

I am past the level of looking for ideas, to the level of executing the ones I do have, and the ones my circles do as well.

With Master Plan, I can confidently work with and on all the projects and aspirations that I launched with my colleagues throughout my career.

You can trust me, and my Master Plan, because I am a Master now, and I fulfill whatever I put my mind into. 

I am an engineer by passion, profession, and execution. I make systems. Systems you and I can trust. This system I use for myself, and today I am sharing it with you. Because I care about you, I care about every follower I have, every fan I have and I empower them the same way I empower myself.

I want us to share the same values and to work together. To share the same vocabulary, tools, and strategies to grow together and do business together.

And yes, I am a Master of Business, in Business Informatics, soon, you'll understand what it means to do business together.

And don't forget, I come from very far, very low, and experienced pain, frustration, failure, and being disrespected. And it is just time to say enough is enough, take ownership of my life and dreams, and make them a reality.

What Master Plan Offers:

  1. Comprehensive System: Master Plan comprises 26 meticulously crafted life dimensions, offering a complete framework for holistic self-improvement.
  2. Plug-&-Play Templates: Access 624 downloadable templates and subsystems tailored for each life area, ensuring seamless automation and organization.
  3. Habit Management: Implement effective habit-building strategies, micro-habit routines, and tools for managing daily habits effortlessly.
  4. Accountability Partnerships: Learn the art of accountability partnerships, ensuring support and motivation throughout your journey.
  5. Prioritization & Task Management: Utilize our cutting-edge task management system, incorporating the latest findings and methodologies.
  6. Flexible Goal Setting: Master Plan facilitates SMART goal setting, allowing you to set, track, and achieve your objectives with precision.
  7. Bonus Features: Enjoy gamified elements to make progress addictive, stress-free productivity frameworks, content creation templates, and more.

So this is just like software, using science and technology to upgrade ourselves and our lives. One of the most important goals of working for more than a decade on software and automation systems is finally to implement it in my life, increase my value and the value of what I deliver, and help the world be a better place and people be a better version of themselves.

I won't make this article longer than this, but I trust my system so far to scale and to be able to follow up on my ambitions and I am sure some of the lucky you will sign up for this adventure and we will be together, meeting at the top, sipping our favorite drinks together and playing our most favorite games, while our systems are doing the work for us. Because we are not meant to work indefinitely.

And yeah! Now I am reaching out to all of you and waiting for my answers on social media, thanks to Master Plan! Looking forward to chatting again! 

Join the Master Plan Community

I am immensely proud of the milestones I achieved within these six months of implementing my Master Plan. Graduating from prestigious universities, excelling in my career, embracing fitness, and attaining financial stability are just a few of these accomplishments. Now, I am extending an invitation to you to embark on this transformative journey with me.

Why Trust Master Plan?

I am not just sharing a system; I am sharing my life’s work. With Master Plan, I offer you the tools I trust for my own growth and success. As a Master of Computer Science and Business Informatics, I understand systems and Master Plan is the culmination of my expertise.

Giveaway Alert

Three lucky winners stand a chance to win free access to Master Plan! To participate, like, comment, repost this article, and share it with three friends. Your journey to mastery begins now.

Thank you for your continued support. Here’s to our collective growth, empowerment, and success!

Take Action Today

Embrace this opportunity to revolutionize your life. By signing up for Master Plan, you gain access to a transformative system designed to elevate your existence. Together, let’s scale new heights, overcome challenges, and create a life of fulfillment and abundance.

Join Master Plan Now: Master Plan

Warm regards,

Amin Boulouma

Creator, Master Plan

Url: masterplan.boulouma.com

Master Plan Story: https://lnkd.in/dxAN9-5S

Note: Prices are subject to change based on demand. Visit masterplan.boulouma.com for the most current pricing information.


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