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Unveiling Master Plan: Your Path to Holistic Life Mastery

  Estimated Time to Read: 8 minutes Greetings, everyone! As promised, Master Plan is finally out, on Monday 02.10.2023 and I am so glad to share it with you, plus a huge giveaway below! Master Plan - Enjoy a Stree-Free System to Execute Every Idea on all aspects of your life A bit of motivation behind the Master Plan, this system has been the result of more than 6 months of deep, deep work.  A lot of you have noticed my reduced activity on Social Media over the last few months and Master Plan was the result of this abstinence. As I am scaling as an individual and as my ventures are scaling, it started to be more and more complicated to keep track of every aspect of my life. Having experienced burnout after burnout,  being pushed sideways with life and my goals, and never having time to take care of myself and my body; I resolved myself to take concrete and systematic action to never be bullied by life again. In the past few years, or decade already! I have experienced, learned, and app