52 Weeks of AI Challenge: Building a Year of AI Ventures - Powered by TranscendAI

#52WeeksOfAI Challenge - Powered by TranscendAI

TL;DR: 52 * $$$ * ๐Ÿ˜ด

The 52 weeks of AI challenge is a challenge where for 52 weeks, a year, we are going to produce 52 AI or AI-assisted ventures, one AI venture a week.

This challenge has been launched by Amin Boulouma in his Twitter thread

The community behind is the @52WeeksOfAI community on Twitter and powered by TranscendAI - The company that is encompassing the 52 AI ventures created by Amin Boulouma, we have a growing discord server of 600 members:

This community is perfect for beginners and more experienced to be part of a community, build in public, get concrete feedback, and have a community backing them for their builds


At the community level, we support the members with learning and educational material, mentoring in venture building, sharing tips and bonuses, and above all, we support the launch of our ventures.


We focus mainly on 5 pillars when it comes to launching our ventures:

  • The idea and how to find it

  • The audience and the right market for it

  • How to monetize and price your venture

  • How to scale it

  • And finally how to maintain it.


Our calendar is a collection of events run in the Twitter, LinkedIn, and the Discord spaces and encompasses the following highlights:

  • Weekly Twitter spaces, podcasts, workshops, and masterclasses.

  • Monthly pitches and venture sales.

  • Quarterly reports and evaluations.

  • Yearly conference and gathering

Join the challenge:

  • Like, retweet, and comment “I’m in! #52WeeksOfAI” This tweet
  • Join the the TranscendAI community
  • Start Engaging with the community and discussing ideas to take them to reality

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