LinkedIn Apply Bot

LinkedIn Application Bot  

Applying to jobs on LinkedIn is a pain.

This bot automates the process of applying to jobs on LinkedIn. Which can save you a lot of time.

Link to the bot:

How to use

Everything is documented in the file:


  • Users can adjust all their job preferences from /jobPreferances/ file. With that they can filter jobs based on posted date, experience level, remote or on-site, etc.
  • The ability to extract and output all jobs to a .txt file with the results showing if the bot is applied successfully or if there are some fields that need to fill.
  • Simplified and documented the entire installation process. You can check it on Github repo of this project.
  • Added donation and purchase materials to keep this project running and implement further changes. You can donate from here. This is speeding up the dev process (I focus on this project mainly on my spare time from my work) and enabling further updates (cloud integration)
  • The bot is not and won't ask for any credentials. You don't need to enter any password or email to the repo. Before running the bot you just need to create a firefox profile (about:profiles), log in LinkedIn with that profile manually once, save your profile to .env file and the bot will run log in to Linkedin automatically.
  • Ability to filter jobs, by easy apply, by location (Worldwide, Europe, Poland, etc.), by keyword (python, react, node), by experience, position, job type and date posted.
  • Apply based on your salary preferance (works best for job offers from States)
  • Automatically apply single page jobs in which you need to send your up-to-date CV and contact.
  • Automatically apply more than one page long offers with the requirements saved in LinkedIn like experience, legal rights, resume etc.
  • Output the results in a data txt file where you can later work on.
  • Print the links for the jobs that the bot couldn’t apply for because of extra requirements. (User can manually apply them to optimize the bot)
  • Put time breaks in between functions to prevent threshold.
  • Automatically apply for jobs.
  • Automatically run in the background.
  • Compatible with Firefox and Chrome.
  • Runs based on your preferences.
  • Optional follow or not follow company upon successful application.

& Much more!

Purchase additional materials and guides

You can currently, purchase full in depth detailed tutorial explaining how this bot is working, one hour booking session where i step by step build and run the bot on your machine or 5 videos showing how this can be used. To buy, support this project and help me add more features.

Contact me if you need any assistance or have any questions:

Cheers & Happy apply!


  1. Hi Amin, is there any way to create a video of the installation and setup for those of us aren't completely fluent in Python? Thank you

    1. Greetings Danny, sure, I’ll make one and let you know.


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