Here is my portfolio of 14 projects I have built so far

Here is my portfolio of 14 projects I have built so far

I have been working as a tech developer for the last 10 years and here is a list of the projects I have been working on, more info about this list can be found in my portfolio.

Boulouma Technologies

Supporting startups to be unicorns

Agile Software Delivery for ServiceNow


Study in Europe from any country in the world


Swiss management, Moroccan development


AI-Powered, Real-Time Personalization for Media Companies


Online event management

Be Sharp

Automation of customer and service communication

Be Shaping The Future

Financial Services


The best decision-making information to secure your business relationships


Translation and transliteration services

Smart Catalog

Visualization of database data


Analyze of texts and URLs


Solving the ticketing issue

Snap Clean

Collective cleaning of the neighboring areas


Finding professionals and craftsman

This list is not exhaustive and I will be adding more projects as I go along.

To read more about my work, you can check out my blog and my portfolio.

For collaboration, you can reach me at or

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving my friends. Grateful for you all and hope you enjoy your time with family today.



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